This Penny is Worth $7.75M

Brad Penny 

The Dodgers have a brutal payroll compared to the available lineup every day. The majority of their roster is from God’s waiting room, but Brad Penny is worth every…well, penny.

Today Penny will face off against the lowly Giants, and stats can be thrown out the window. The Dodgers added Joe Torre to help smother any locker-room flair-ups, and hired their own version of Dice K. The Giants, after cashing their winning ticket, have dismissed Barry Bonds and have committed to mediocrity. They get Penny in their road opener and look to be mowed down, one by one.

 Penny is the horse and mound general that all teams in MLB wish that they had. His onions are bigger than most of the Giants heads (especially w/ Bonds gone), but he can pitch as well. I look for Penny to bear down in the first inning, where he generally struggles if at all, to help ease the rest of the Dodgers lineup. He should have smooth sailing afterwards as the Dodgers most likely gain their first win on the season.

San Francisco Giants (Zito) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (Penny) ML -187 for 1 Unit, starters must go…


4 Responses to “This Penny is Worth $7.75M”

  1. Bri Says:

    welcome back

  2. NaechsteHaltestelle Says:

    Woah! So glad to have you back!

  3. DeeSigno Says:

    Design your own climbing frame and be happy!

  4. Axel Jordan Says:

    Woah! So glad to have you back!

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