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Roger's 5th

Sunday seemed like it would be another walk in the park for the 4-Time Defending Wimbledon Champion. Where his home has grown to be the grass, the Swiss native Roger Federer would be called upon to mow down his neo-nemesis.


In a sport as irrelevant to the masses as hockey nowadays, tennis’ greatest showcase was Sunday’s brunch buzz. Would Roger Federer attain Bjorn Borg‘s previous feat of 5 consecutive titles? In today’s terms, this means nothing. But, to yesteryear’s tennis fan (baby-boomers) this was drama in its finest hour.

Federer, Borg, & Nadal

Early, the top seeds traded games, then sets, with Nadal breaking Roger in 4 out of 7 chances. Nobody accomplishes this, and John McEnroe deemed Nadal to be Roger’s “kryptonite,” only this time it wasn’t on clay.

Suddenly, Nadal was plagued by soreness in his knee, and Roger was arguing calls with the ump–two rare occurrences.  Nadal earned two more chances to break Roger for what would seem to be the decisive time. But Roger fought off two 15-40 situations and Nadal fell to the sleeping giant in 5 sets, 3 hours, and 45 minutes.

Rogr Federer's 5th

NBC’s ratings were augmented this year by 10% over last,  as the contestants delivered an unexpected thrill. McEnroe and Carillo were as charismatic as ever, serving up the best product this sport has to offer. McEnroe however, in one of his best moments below, displays how the sport was once enjoyed.

Nadal still dominates on clay though and stands as the lone soldier preventing Roger from his real goal of winning the French Open. Roger’s best shot at the French should be next year when he attempts to win the Golden Slam.

Nadal on clay

Although I don’t expect tennis to pick up anytime soon, Wimbledon is an event that I would love to attend one day. For the Brits, they haven’t had a British champion since Fred Perry in 1936. The fact that they still like tennis is fascinating in its own right, but the RSN loved their Red Sox, and Cub Fan loves the Cubs, and I unfortunately love the Phils. Some things never change.

Phillies Ball Girl

Phillies Ball Girl Jennifer Scanlan


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