Same Lowe Down Dirty Shame

Alyssa Stuff 

Tonight, Dodger Fan hosted John Smoltz and the Atlanta Braves in the first of a four-game set. Without his best stuff, Lowe was still dirty allowing only one run over five innings in an 8-2 victory.

Derek Lowe

In what was expected to be a stellar contest, Smoltz flaked out in the follow-up to his shutout performance just five days ago. He struck out six over six innings while earning three of the runs.

But it was the young Dodger nucleus that catapulted the faithful past the Braves tonight. Matt Kemp blasted a 2-run bomb to break the tie in the sixth, and Russell Martin collected a career-high four hits extending his hitting streak to 12. Satisfied, Dodger Fan never looked back.

Matt Kemp launching a bomb

Though L.A. should have expected a win on Sunday after losing the first two to San Diego, tonight was a nice offensive outburst. Martin (.306) is settling into the 3-hole, James Loney (.393) and Matt Kemp (.397) are playing beyond their years, and Luis Gonzalez is on fire with 2 more hits tonight.

Luis Gonzalez

But, Nomar miraculously found a hit tonight which saddens everyone. If Grady Little could just have the balls to bat him 8th, L.A. might just snatch the edge they need to propose a Freeway Series.

But the true story is Russell Martin. This kid commands his entire staff’s attention and has taken on a leadership role. Like Pudge, Martin imposes his will to win on his opponent while instilling it in his own teammates. And Dodger Fan has a crush on him which is what really matters.

Russell Martin has 16 steals

Martin’s success is great but are the Dodgers even the best in the West? or in L.A.? It appears they could acquire another bat before the break for the middle of the lineup, but that is the obvious wish factor.

Derek Lowe on Boston

And it appears to still  be a Lowe down dirty shame for Red Sox Fan, who have been on the skids of late. With every game soldout before the season even starts, wouldn’t RSN just lock down the guys that actually got them their title? It is getting interesting leading into the break…


6 Responses to “Same Lowe Down Dirty Shame”

  1. Phil Says:

    At least Nomar is hitting .270.

    Our cleanup batter is hitting .200 (keep swinging for those fences, Andruw).

  2. Pop Cultured Says:

    haha…Nomar has a fire under his ass right now and is actually hitting once in awhile…I said I would take Ichiro over Andruw Jones right now to start a team and Oriole Fan disagreed…shocking I know…

    but please don’t get me wrong…I am Phillie Fan and only enjoy covering the Dodgers if we can call it that…they have outstanding young talent so it is rather easy and exciting…

    how is the sheriff?

  3. b Says:

    sorry about your ‘friend’

    have a good all-star break

  4. Phil Says:

    Sheriff is quite disturbed.

    I think I should have him quietly dispose of Andruw.

    Andruw is fat and has always been a mediocre hitter at best. If we pay him $17m a year to balloon back up to 250, and hit his weight for the next 8 yrs I’m going to vomit.

  5. Pop Cultured Says:

    b – very sad…thanks

    Phil – I could use Sheriff as a valet parking attendant for my poker games…its the only job left still, but that’s when he’s done whacking Andruw of course…Braves are hot going into the break though…

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