Top Chef. Season 3. Miami. Chopping Block 3.

Miami Skyline

Guest JudgeAlfred Portale, Gotham Bar and Grill, New York City, NY
Quick Fire WinnerBrian Malarkey, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, San Diego, CA
Challenge WinnerHowie Kleinberg, The Food Gang, Surfside, FL
EliminatedMicah Edelstein, The Wandering Chef Caterers, Boca Raton, FL

Hung fishing

In our 3rd installment from South Beach, we discover that Hung truly is the doushebag we thought he was. During the Quick Fire, he digs into the shellfish tank like a 5-year old, after screaming, “Yes!” when a shellfish theme was determined. Fascinating stuff.

Passive Lia

Next week, Tom places them into teams and Hung’s attitude will finally affect others’ performances, namely Lia. She is a passive Tiffani from Season 1 without the skill or the switch-hitting. Sucks for her as she was my prediction to be chopped this week. We’ll get her next week though when Hung throws her under the bus.


In the Quick Fire Challenge, Malarkey retains his reign after proclaiming the shame he would endure from the homies if defeated. This is usually a little Bravo chicanery, but this time it doesn’t prevail.

Tom eventually yanks him on to the chopping block with the other losers, questioning whether he can handle his meat…a question we all have pondered i presume.

Micah Rock and Chisel

We also see Micah spaz out on the conch shells, the same way I would, appearing to finally penetrate one with a rock and chisel. Very innovative of you dear. Don’t let the pressure get to you or anything. Unfortunately, the pressure has apparently already changed her accent in a recent story.

Howie Elimination Winner 3

So, the Elimination Challenge featured reinvention skills of high-cholesterol dishes into low-cholesterol dishes. In reverse order of the Quick Fire, they selected from an array of classic meals. Tom wanted to see passion from the contestants in this challenge for they could really show what they were about.

Alfred Portale

The judges were not impressed at all. Other than Howie’s Fennel Crusted Pork Chops, we could see the judges questioning the actual talent of this season’s chefs.

Ultimately, Micah is eliminated by her inedible meatloaf. But this is a great moment in Top Chef history. Now, we will be able to focus on more important aspects like Camille and Casey. Alas, we have two attractive contestants that we actually would like to see naked.

Camille and Casey

Hopefully, Top Chef can get the recognition it deserves for being the outstanding show that it is. Then, we can get Casey and Camille the recognition they deserve with some scandalous pictures passed around the internet when they lose.

Camille Becerra

Casey Thompson

For now, this is all I could uncover. It will have to do until the ex-boyfriends and scavengers surface with the incriminating pictures and video.

Until then, another exciting episode permeates.



9 Responses to “Top Chef. Season 3. Miami. Chopping Block 3.”

  1. NaechsteHaltestelle Says:

    I was wondering what Micah’s accent was. We thought perhaps it was really warped Australian but we didn’t think South African. To think that she might be faking it makes it all the more ironic that she said “You Americans like it this way” and the judges were annoyed. Nice post.

  2. Pop Cultured Says:

    haha…we couldn’t figure it out either and were torn b/w Greek, French, Italian, British, and Australian mainly…naturally, it was South African by way of Boston???…questionable at best…

    but, you nailed it right on the head…the show has an hour and they set us up with drama in so many ways…its ironic and very creative…

    you are kind…thank you…

  3. Kb Says:

    From the “SHE married HIM!?” file:,,20044329,00.html

  4. Pop Cultured Says:

    Kb – women like large penis apparently…Padma seems no different…

  5. Chris Says:

    Micah is probably one of “those” people that spent a couple weeks in another country and suddenly picks up their accent, but poorly. “You Americans”? What a snobby bitch. Glad she is gone.

  6. Pop Cultured Says:

    Chris – you said it bro…it’s the definition of insecurity…like it matters what kind of accent we have unless we are in Hollywood…

  7. Kbee Says:

    Hung really is the master of douchebaggery. Can’t believe he left that poor little crawfish on the ground. Asshat.

  8. Pop Cultured Says:

    Kbee – Chopping Block 4 soon come…

  9. Top Chef. Season 3. Miami. Chopping Block 4. « Pop Cultured Says:

    […] long-awaited 4th episode, Top Chef finally featured the female contestants. Last week, I offered opinions on the several ladies competing with about 50% accuracy. We’ll explore in a […]

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