Top Chef. Season 3. Miami.

Top Chef returns for Bravo’s third installment of its hit reality TV show. The all-new season premieres tonight, June 13 10/9c and features judges Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons, and Ted Allen. Bravo has done a really nice job with Top Chef and its appeal branches down from Colicchio. He is not only a pioneer, but the cast members always show him the utmost respect. He has a heart of gold and really tries to teach these chefs to get better at their craft.

Tom Colicchio

The contestants want to win the competition obviously but are more vindictive than most. From burner manipulation to snide degradation of one another’s culinary background, this show packs a punch. And now with some added Miami sizzle, Bravo might have something very special brewing. I watch very little TV but will certainly have this series set for TiVo.

Miami Beach

Here is a taste of Padma and the 4-Star All-Stars that premiered last week…early predictions are encouraged…

4 Responses to “Top Chef. Season 3. Miami.”

  1. trybritri Says:

    Oh hella yea. lol. Thanks for the tv update

  2. Pop Cultured Says:

    trybritri – i can’t imagine someone better than Harold from Season 1, though you know Stephen intimately…i also added the bio for the King of all Gays, who is also in the linked video clip because you miss him…

  3. trybritri Says:

    King of the Gays. You mean, Kevin’s guest spot? 😉

  4. Pop Cultured Says:

    Kevin gets on the metro…

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