Monkey Sex

I love this video! Is it so wrong to enjoy monkey sex? They obviously do…

I say this because I was somewhat injured having monkey sex the other day, but if i’m goin’ down, this is the way i want to go down…the truth is that its kinda hot, because everytime i think of why i’m injured, i remember why i’m injured…it just seems like yet another way of how the greatest mack of all constantly reminds us of sex…such ultimate wisdom…

3 Responses to “Monkey Sex”

  1. NaechsteHaltestelle Says:

    “Look man, it ain’t even funny no more. There used to be a time around here when you peed on the wall, you did it outside”

  2. Pop Cultured Says:

    Naechste – impressive…Huggy dropping knowledge is classic

  3. KassyK Says:

    AHHH monkey sex! It was hot. 🙂 Apologies for the injuries.

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