MLB Sunday, June 3, 2007

Yesterday:  0-2-0, -2.93 Units
YTD:  10-9-1, +2.57 Units

This is the best thing ive seen in awhile as minor league Braves manager Phil Wellman goes nuts…must be #1 on all-time meltdowns…check it out

The Bull Moose pitched well for CWS, but the bullpen couldn’t hold it for him, and the Yankees just blow…so a loss of about 3 Units, but that should not hinder today as we have 2 nice looking plays…

the hot ticket again is the Yanks @ Red Sox w/ Pettitte squaring off against Beckett in the Sunday night ESPN game…should be fun as the Yanks are officially terrible and we get to all watch their demise…

Alyssa LAD

as for the monster plays today, Alyssa represents the LA Dodgers (Penny) @ Pittsburgh (Gorzelanny) 7 Under -115…it is rare that we see a 6.5 or 7 runtotal, and need to pounce on any advantage…Penny has been brilliant almost all season, and Gorzelanny has pitched extremely well too…to get an idea of how low this total is, Dontrelle Willis will face Ben Sheets today in Milwaukee and the total there is 8…i really think Penny shuts the Bucs down today as Gorzelanny should perform as anticipated…5 Units LA Dodgers (Penny) @ Pittsburgh (Gorzelanny) Under 7 -115…

the other game i love is Atlanta (Cormier) @ Chicago Cubs (Marshall) Under 10 -110…this is the classic situation of 2 nobody pitchers that really arent that bad, but simply, unknown…both teams have had offensive struggles, and the Cubs are on a 4 game schneid…so i look for untimely hitting, lucky pitching and 2 boner teams duking it out in less than 10 runs…


5 Units LA Dodgers (Penny) @ Pittsburgh (Gorzelanny) Under 7 -115, pitchers must go…

5 Units Atlanta Braves (Cormier) @ Chicago Cubs (Marshall) Under 10 -110, pitchers must go…

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3 Responses to “MLB Sunday, June 3, 2007”

  1. Mr. Mink Says:

    best picture on this blog.

  2. Pop Cultured Says:

    Mink – i’m very satisfied w/ the Dodger rep…

  3. NFLisKing Says:

    That 2003 Marlins staff banged Milano, Leanne Tweeden, and various groupies.

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