MLB Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yesterday:  4-1-0, +12.80 Units
YTD:  10-7-1, +5.50 Units

Yesterday was a great day for me in so many ways…obviousy the picks came through and hopefully readers can see the service that is available to them…baseball is my heart and soul, when it comes to sports, and i can never know enough…but on the days when we realize all that can be accomplished, life just vaults us to the top…


Some of the recent decisions ive made in the stock market came to fruition yesterday…i made the largest amount of money i have ever made in 1 transaction…i traded the largest amount of money i ever have before in the market, and it took 13 buyers just to take my shares for 1 sale down off the big board…timing is of the utmost importance in these endeavors…of course, i have made bad decisions in the past, but it happens less and less, and the rewards are becoming greater and greater…

as for diamond news, yesterday was hot as my picks crushed, but the Phillies lost another nail-biter, 13-0…from the article, i saw this quote, and became very upset…”‘It has been a tough four games, but we’ve been through a stretch of games even worse and turned it right around,’ said third baseman Greg Dobbs. ‘No need to worry.'” Uh, Dobbs…shut the fuck up…u r currently getting absolutely crushed on a daily basis, although i do yield that u r not the reason for the carnage…i say, begin worrying…i say, begin worrying on April 1st and lets get on w/ it…i am so sick and tired of this team and their inefficiencies…it all starts w/ management, but that is a tirade for another day…

Alyssa NYY

as for the good in life, today, we have another brawl b/w the Yankees and Red Sox as Mussina and Schilling face off in an afternoon bout for our hot ticket, represented by our favorite baseball fan in NYY gear…i look for the Yankees to come out of this one alive again, as they need these wins much more than Red Sox do…in addition, we have a seemingly nice matchup b/w studs, but who would honestly think that Mussina can outduel Schilling?…i just think the Yankee fire right now is a reaction to professionals being challenged in their jobs…on this level, its not Steinbrenner that Arod and co. look to for positive reinforcement, but instead to those stats of Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, etc. and the Red Sox 12.5 game advantage in the standings…to predict w/ accuracy here is silly, but i like the Yanks to keep it w/in 1 run and will add 1 Unit NY Yankees (Mussina) +1.5 -165 @ Boston (Schilling), pitchers must go…

i will need to do more research for additional picks but, at first glance, i think i like Oakland today w/ Blanton on the hill vs. the Twinkies…will get back w/ this game after some number crunching…its finally June though and baseball has begun…

1 Unit NY Yankees (Mussina) +1.5 -165 @ Boston (Schilling), pitchers must go…

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5 Responses to “MLB Saturday, June 2, 2007”

  1. Pop Cultured Says:

    1 Unit Chicago White Sox (Contreras) ML -128 @ Toronto Blue Jays (McGowan), pitchers must go…

  2. b Says:

    GO SOX!!!….though, we don’t have such a hottie as our unofficial spokeswoman =\

    Meanwhile, surprised to not see any mention of the French Open. Too early in the rounds?

  3. Pop Cultured Says:

    b – Alyssa would technically be associated w/ the Dodgers these days, though born and raised in Brooklyn…but since she looks the way she does, we like her in all MLB gear…

    otherwise, Americans dont care about the French Open except for me and Luke Jensen…if anyone else cares, here is the link

  4. b Says:

    lol. look forward to the pics of her in Dodger gear then…or better yet, the 11-6 winner Red Sox gear 😉

    Meanwhile, do you agree with Mike Lowell being ranked as the second best third baseman in MLB as ranked by CBSportsline?

  5. Pop Cultured Says:

    Lowell is playing really well but he is the guy that sees the good pitches on that team…i can name 5 better 3b off the top of my head: Cabrera, Arod, Wright, Aramis, Chipper…but he is crucial…

    Alyssa will no longer represent NYY gear for they are miserable and she wouldnt want that…plus it loses us money…

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